Thursday, June 5, 2008

25 Things I Love About My New Job

1. I love the people I work with - they make me laugh every day
2. Very yummy free soup and salad for lunch every day
3. Catering on Fridays
4. Foam soap
5. Pretty toiletry cart with fake flowers in the restroom
6. 5 stalls instead of 1!
7. "Hobart" the salad holder
8. Dress code explicitly forbids spandex
9. Dress code informs us that "business casual" is not license to dress "inappropriately" (gone are the days of going to the office in my bikini)
10. Dress code forbids exposing underwear
11. No open-toed shoes unless appropriate with the outfit - call the fashion police!
12. I don't have to order supplies and do all the mailings
13. I could work 4 ten-hour shifts instead of 5 eight-hour shifts if I really wanted
14. There is a supply warehouse
15. LOTS of people work here - many of them young females
16. Little rugs in front of the toilets (although they do get removed occassionally)
17. Did I mention (this deserves two spaces) FREE yummy lunch?
18. They pay half the cost of my gym membership
19. Toilet seat covers in the restroom
20. Gym 5 minutes away
21. The Indian guy at the closest gas station gives me free food that resembles a fried baby chick
22. Assorted lotions available for use in the break room
23. I've been part of interviewing and hiring people (the first one after only two weeks)
24. They sent me to New York City for a business trip!
25. I don't have keys to the building, so working until midnight is not an option - YES!

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Margaret said...

Um, you totally scored!