Tuesday, February 24, 2009


To describe Shayla, ah, there simply is no word
She is by far more stunning than a horse herd
Despite her belief, I know she is not a nerd
And I bet she is tastier than a cheese curd (or so I've heard - from studly un-nerds)

Together, she and I will travel to Alaska this summer
Too bad she doesn't own a Hummer (cuz that'd be rad)
I love her quick wit and her coy smile
For her, I'd walk 500 miles

She is easily frightened and loves mushrooms
Her photography skills are in full bloom
She likes to go on cruises of the Disney-variety
And she makes me laugh and smile(ty)

She is petite and full of spunk
I daren't mention any junk in any trunk
So, here it is Shayla, my special dedication to you
To ensure, your days will not be sad or blue:-)

1 comment:

Shayla said...

hahaha YAY!!! You are an amazing poet! Thanks Larissa! You made my day. :)