Friday, February 27, 2009


Upon watching a pretty decent straight-to-DVD movie, highlighting the comic styling’s of eye candy Paul Rudd, I experienced something previously unknown to my bewildered eyes.

I paused the movie for a few minutes to entertain a dear friend and then returned to my “date.”


Bright orange, purple, and green images whooshed across the screen where the actors had once been crisply dressed in all colors of the rainbow.

I was almost positive my friend hadn’t drugged me during his visit.


PLAY – same response.

Three options:
1. I was indeed drugged
2. The wardrobe people were drugged and had all the actors suddenly change their outfits
3. My DVD player fritzed-out

One day of deliberation regarding our slightly-over-one-month relationship later, I decided to part ways with my new upconvert DVD player via Wal-Mart customer service.

I’m on the prowl for another to fill my lonely nights.

Does one put out a personal ad for electronics? :-)


Jenn said...

We LOVE our Clear Play--we can watch ANY movie, even with kids around and not worry about it!

Larissa said...

Ah, but Clearplay does not have a 1080P upconvert OR an HDMI connection...which means it'd look grainy on my TV...I bet they'll come out with a more advanced one in a year or two, at which point in time, I DEFINITELY want one...but still don't think I could bring myself to purchase any R-rated films:-)

Christopher said...

Just break down and go get a Sony Blueray player. It'll do both DVDs and Bluerays.