Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, after some long thought and fortunate/unfortunate circumstances, here is my list of what the tax man beholdeth for me this year:

- A trip to Oregon/Washington
- A yet to be purchased laptop (I have been personal computerless for 4 years and my work laptop is retiring and they are replacing it with a desktop)
- Two Tires, 1 wheel, and an alignment
- 3 new movies
- 3 new CDs
- 3 new games
- 1 racquetball racket and 3 balls
- A yet to be purchased plane ticket to NYC for my April trip

The as of yet "Do I or Don't I's":
- Renew gym membership (which I will do no matter what come October's end, but figure I may be able to finagle a good deal for renewing so early)
- New dishes
- Ticket to "South Pacific" on Broadway (all the others I want to see will be half-price at the TKTS booth when I get there)

Decisions, Decisions!

1 comment:

Jon said...

I still think you ought to treat yourself to something on Broadway. Go see South Pacific!