Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Frolicking

What a great 4th of July weekend!
Thursday I went boating with some friends (5 of the 9 who road tripped to San Diego in August of '05). I happened to be fully clothed because I didn't know I would get to go when I left for work that morning - and I got dumped in the lake! I'm glad I had that mishap because then I got to do all the tubing madness!
Friday I went to a driving range for the first time. I hit between 100 yards and 150 yards pretty regularly, but have no idea if that is horrible or good for a first timer. My right forearm muscle is sore. I went to a BBQ later with about 40 folks from my ward, then watched fireworks at my friend's house across from Murray Park.
Saturday morning I drove to Marysvale, Utah - the place where the Uranium for the atom bomb was mined. I got to go shooting for the first time and I did the impossible - I made a Budweiser can hole-y (ha ha)! Pistols, shotguns, rifles - I shot them all! Later that evening I went off-roading up the Piute trails. I am so blessed and lucky - to think so many people haven't ever had the experience of seeing the beauty of this earth!
Sunday I hauled it back to Salt Lake just in the nick of time for 1pm church. A friend cooked lunch for me and we just chilled together with my kitty for the rest of the day.
Life is good.


Erika said...

What an explosive weekend! I'm glad that you got to participate in all the tubing fun, as well.

Larissa said...

"explosive" - ha ha!

Vanessa Swenson said...

i'm glad you got to have a sportsman's weekend. at first when i read driving range and 100-150 yds, i was totally confused because i thought of the range we used for driver's ed. But then it hit me, I was being dumb.
Anyway, I think you're were hitting the ball that far b/c of your softball skillz.

Nathan said...

Rebecca and I were watching the Murray park fireworks too! Rebecca's grandparents live right next to it. It was good to see you that weekend, especially getting dumped in the lake ;)

Danny said...

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