Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, yep, you guys guessed it - I eloped! J/k. Tempting though.
I auditioned for American Idol. I have long stated that I am a Broadway singer, so I'd never make it through. I had many dissenters and I thought, "Hey, it is 15 minutes away and it sucks saying I never even tried!" So, I went and auditioned.
I saw my friends Brittany Belinski, Jeff Hofman, Rob, Steve, and a few others. I made friends with my neighbor from Maryland who had auditioned 3 times. Clarissa in the food line, whom we talked to for 30 minutes, friggin' ROCKS and made it through, so I hope to see her on TV. The girl singing next to me made it through too and I gave her a HUGE smile and thumbs up b/c I knew she made it through before she did! I hope I see her on TV too!
Before you start your condolences, I, for newfound reasons, did not and do not care about the auditions - it was one of those things you just want to exclaim "I did it!" I sang Patsy Cline's "Crazy."
Monday night my current beau of a couple months decided to put things on hold for awhile. I was up most of the night and morning sobbing. I realized during the audition process that my relationships are much more important to me than singing. I watched all of these people who would give their lives to go through and I was just amused with saying I'd been there!
The inside scoop about this show?
1. This is a show being cast like any other sitcom - they have set character roles they want and are looking for the best actors to fit the parts.
2. Only about 1 in every 100 get through the first round.
3. There are 2-3 rounds before what you see on TV.
4. The preliminary judges are much harsher than Simon will ever be.
5. They put you on lock-down for HOURS and you can't leave until you audition and they make you pay $4 for a drink!
6. There really are crazy people there...but only about a dozen...and they all get put through because those are the characters being cast. Carry a puppet and that golden ticket is yours.
7. I am now 100% sure Broadway is my forte - I feel no passion for pop.
8. I always thought singing for a living would be a dream-come-true, perhaps it would on the stage, but I now realize my dream is being with the people I love. I know, you could practically make syrup with all my sap, but it is true:-)
9. 100's of INCREDIBLE singers did not make it through. I'm serious. I heard 100's of people who are BETTER than half the finalists we have heard in the past. Don't ask me how they pick 'em - I'm more lost than ever!
10. The possibility of fame brings out the animal in most people.

That's that! Any questions?


Jenny said...

Woa! Larissa, that is so awesome! I'm really proud of you for going for it. A friend of ours in the ward also tried out. Anyway, I think it's just really admirable that you just did it...decided to go out and do it! Too many people wonder "what if" because they don't take chances. Of course, we can't take those chances too far, but you get the point. You are awesome!

Kimmy said...

I miss you