Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Nights

For all you curious cats out there who know some nitty gritty has been omitted...
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Ivy meets Zuko when she is dating someone.
Ivy becomes engaged.
Ivy becomes unengaged.
Ivy dates Zuko for two weeks, then sits between him and another bloke at a movie and snuggles up to other bloke during movie.
Ivy and Zuko start to really date two months later.
Ivy is also dating ex-fiancee and several others while dating Zuko for 6 months.
Ivy breaks up with Zuko and gets back together with him 3 times during those 6 months.
Zuko proposes to Ivy despite extreme lack of desire to be exclusive on Ivy's part.
Ivy keeps ring, but says she needs a break for a few weeks.
Zuko meets Betty and courts her fool-hardily and whole-heartedly.
Ivy comes back to Zuko two weeks later and says, "No," to the proposal.
Zuko tells Betty he is ready to try and give his heart to just one person - her.
For the next couple months/few weeks, Zuko treats Betty like an angel.
Zuko takes Betty home to meet his family, extends romantic gestures every day, surprises her every day, dances with her, sings with her, plays piano with her, takes her for midnight lightning-storm watching drives, reads scriptures with her every night, golfs with her, shoots guns with her, cooks frequently with her, shops with her, cares for her kitty while she is out of town, makes lists of all the fun things he wants to do with her, constantly assures her of how beautiful she is, has confidence oozing out of his pores, and pretty much does everything any man could do to make a gal fall hard and fast (er than usual, anyway).
Zuko begins to miss Ivy again.
Ivy, the same week, meets up with Zuko and tells him she misses him and wants to date him again.
Zuko tells Betty he needs a week to straighten out his thoughts, neglecting to tell her of encounter with Ivy.
Wise man counsels Zuko to run hard and fast away from Ivy.
Wise man counsels Betty she is the best thing to ever happen to Zuko.
Zuko breaks up with Betty for (poison?) Ivy.
Undoubtedly, Zuko will be down on his knees begging Betty please once Ivy wilts again.
Betty will stand strong - she is woman, hear her roar.

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Vanessa Swenson said...

oh my. it's like high school love with eternal consequences.