Friday, August 22, 2008

My List

You know how they always tell us to throw away our lists? Well, I did that when I was about 19 and my dating life has been, hmmm...dramatic to say the least...ever since.
So, I'm rebelling. Here is my list for all to have and to hold.
Main Squeeze Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love candidates must receive a passing score of 70% of higher.
  • People love him
  • My head and heart don’t argue falling in love with him
  • Reassures me/calms my fears
  • Surprises me in thoughtful ways
  • Lets me surprise/serve him
  • Doesn’t flagrantly flirt with other girls
  • Athletic – not just watching
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Softball
  • Never any major transgressions
  • Stable familial Relationships
  • Doesn't accept phone numbers from other girls, let alone on a regular basis
  • Introduces me to new things
  • Physically Attractive
  • Likes curvier women, but not “large” women
  • Good eating habits
  • Reads scriptures regularly
  • Ice cream
  • Let’s me cook for him
  • Will cook with me
  • Will clean with me
  • Not itching to pop out children
  • Loves travel
  • Loves to try new things
  • Kisses – soft, yet firm, not slimy
  • Playful
  • Bishop thinks he’s a good pick
  • Doesn’t make me believe I’m crazy
  • Entertaining in groups
  • Makes me laugh
  • Smiles when he sees me
  • Gives me “the look”
  • Comfortable with intimacy
  • Intelligent
  • Able to hold intellectual conversations
  • Very devoted
  • No wandering eyes
  • Rock-solid testimony
  • Excited about life
  • Loves people
  • Will tolerate my kitty just because I love her
  • Can 100% confidently know he will never cheat
  • Temple marriage – no other option
  • Worthy priesthood holder
  • Patient, patient, patient
  • Understands women’s hormones are not understandable
  • Never uses nicknames like “ball and chain”
  • I don’t have to qualify anything about him to anyone
  • Doesn’t carry around photos of ex’s
  • Has guy friends, not just girls
  • Good Job or good job potential
  • Educated or plans therefore
  • Communicates with me
  • Complimentary languages of love
  • Enjoys movies
  • Realizes I will be his family and doesn’t ignore me for them
  • Supportive of my career and happy for my success
  • Passionate about music – hopefully some of mine
  • Will see Broadway shows with me
  • Dances or willing to learn with me
  • Sense of reverence and awe for the world around us
  • Can talk with me anytime, about anything
  • Decisive
  • Familiar with technology
  • Handy around the house
  • Handy around a car
  • Gentleman, but not to the extreme
  • Gets excited about something just because I am
  • Inspire each other to better ourselves
  • Strong work ethic
  • Outgoing
  • Confident
  • Okay with my freakish organization habits
  • Family members tease him and trash talk, but don’t have any real “dirt”
  • Not secretive about outside communications (phone, e-mails, etc.)
  • Supports my daily gym habit
  • Knows how to budget
  • No unsubstantiated excess debt
  • Optimistic
  • Spends time with me – just the two of us
  • Wants to know about my life and excited to experience it
  • Appreciates my sense of humor
  • My friends/family members don’t have any red flags
  • Lets me know I am beautiful/attractive
  • Teases me, but knows the line
  • Will tolerate shows I like that are ridiculous - Golden Girls is the first that comes to mind
  • Proud of me, you know, wants to show me off
  • Wants to work for me - thinks I am a prize to be won, not a second choice
  • Tells me he loves me on a regular and frequent basis
  • Self-control
  • Tender-tempered
  • Realistic expectations of child care/discipline
  • Relatively clean/neat
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Not a whiner
  • Good father potential
  • Doesn't try to change me
  • Appreciates my family and all the craziness we are
  • Has goals in life
  • Likes to snuggle
  • Compliments others, but not more than he compliments me
  • Not likely to get into a physical or verbal fight
  • Willing to have a weekly date night
  • Willing to spend time apart when we each need alone time
  • Has activities and hobbies of his own
  • Not scared of spiders and mice and other creepy crawlies
  • Musically inclined or talented in some way
  • Doesn't have to tell me how great he is
  • Gracefully accepts the things in life we have no control over (like if I accidentally step on his toe)
  • Healthy
  • Hasn't kissed so many people he can't even begin to count them all (I've dated three people like this and they were all trouble)
  • Recognizes me for the strong, spiritual daughter of God I am
  • Good sense of style - dresses well or lets me dress him well:-)
  • Let's me be independent when I need and dependent on him when I need
  • I don't feel like I am settling in any way


Vanessa Swenson said...

Holy peace! How many are there? I totally lost track.

When I read that he needs to give you "the look," this is what I thought of.
Does he go "nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah?"
If he does, he's got the look.

Unknown said...

I think I might have a winner: Michael Scofield!

nateandrebecca said...

Wow. That is quite the list...good luck there! :)

Larissa said...

Hmm...Michael Scofield has a criminal record....but I'm sure he'd find a way to receive a passing score of 70% or higher:-) I'm really eying Mohinder from Heroes though - ROAR.

D 'n C said...

THAT my QUITE the list! Here's to getting your man who fits who you are and ever will be.