Thursday, September 4, 2008


Don't you all worry your pretty little heads off about my seriousness of that last post - it was a joke! Kind of...

On another note, "Zuko" from a previous post left flowers at my doorstep Saturday night. Purple flowers. Crazy enough, I had been holding purple flowers earlier that evening and saying, "I never want flowers, but I just really really want flowers tonight." I put them down and went home and lamented about wanting flowers again....then I found the purple flowers from "Zuko." Weird, much? He also blew kisses and stuff at me all of church on Sunday, but I told him later he needs to knock it off unless he knows he wants to be with me. He apologized and has since knocked it off.

I passed an entire truck bed topper/roof thing sitting in the middle of the highway yesterday. Miraculously, no one hit it or got hit by it.

I found some more exciting pictures of my rafting adventure I thought I'd share with ya'all.

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