Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Cat - One, Paws - Six

I made a new friend in my complex today - a black cat with...abnormalities.

On the two front paws there were like...extra paws. I thought originally it was just a 6-toed cat, but it honestly appeared to have the beginnings of an extra paw on each side where the "thumb" would be. The back paws each had 6 toes.
Ironically, we met as Mutant was chilling on the power generator. If we meet again, I will definitely take a photo, but this time around the decrepit man in his eerily squawking walker scared little Mutant away.

If a black cat is supposed to be bad luck, then is a paranormal black cat even worse?
I have since learned from my dearest vet tech Andrea that Mutant is simply polydactyl. The 6 paws thing was way cooler.

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Brent & Andrea said...

Mutant is not normal, but still pretty cute! Love the pic Riss!