Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad things come in sets of three

My family has a superstition from way back in the day that bad things come in three's. At least this means my latest round of bad things is over.

1. I had to tell "Zuko" on Sunday that things are over forever and ever and I need him out of my life. I knew he wasn't the best for me, yet I felt this unexplainable magnetism towards him, I still do. He and I just connected, we felt that "click" if that makes any sense...I've only felt that twice in my life before. He kept emotionally holding me just close enough to keep me from progressing. He knew it, yet kept doing it unconsciously. How can you say goodbye to someone forever when they live across the street, go to your ward, go to all the same grocery stores, and go to all the same activities? I unfriended him on Facebook, which is, like huge. This is going to be a challenge.
How do I keep falling for guys who don't want me, yet can't let me go? I just want someone to really love me. Yes, you heard it here first, Larissa is done being single.

2. I also have a friend who is, hmm...larger than the average bear. He has done a very nice job of wearing in my new couch cushions so they are no longer stiff, but mushy and somewhat flattened. I sit on my 4-month old couch last night where he always sits and I hear a strange noise. I look under the couch to see that the couch is indeed broken. I know it is rude, but I had been fearing this. What do I do now? I will call the store and see if they'll repair it because it is under the normal wear and tear category, but it is white, so if they take it out of my place it'll come back all smudged up. That still, also, doesn't get me out of the awkwardness that will exist when I have to tell big bear to not sit on my furniture. Any suggestions? And what if they won't fix my couch?

3. I have to have at least $1,000 of repairs done to my car. They aren't things that will make the little '93 Honda Civic stop running now, but in a couple of years they would. I have a great friend who is willing to do all he can and I'll just pay him extra for labor, so I still come out at about half the price of the shop (blessing alert!). Why not get a new car? Eh, I'd rather just pay this amount once per year and have low insurance, than have to pay $250/month for a new car plus double the insurance. I'd also like to keep the car as a back-up when I finally get a new one, so I'd want to make these repairs anyway.


by Aaron Read said...

So you're not going to be friends or anything? I'm kind of in the same situation. We both told each other we weren't right for each other, after doing stuff together on/off for a year. We'll see each other a lot. I'm hoping that not having all the stuff that comes with a more serious relationship off the table will help us actually be better friends. What do you think?

PS. You STILL have that Honda Civic? Good for you!!

Brent & Andrea said...

Your poor couch! What DO you do? Brent & I are coming to your b-day party, so we can't wait to see you. Hugs!

Elizabeth said...

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