Friday, July 11, 2008


I went to the infamous gas station of the fried baby chick a couple of days ago. As I headed towards the check-out a nice gentleman let me in front of him.
I said, "Thank you!"
He said, "You are very welcome. And, you look very nice in that dress today! Mmm mmm!" Looks like he had a check-out of his own!
I laughed and repeated my thank you before paying and heading on my way.
Looks like I have a lucky gas station - or not.
I have been hit on by hispanic men, Indian men, and several black men (this guy being one of them), but never by a white guy. Why?

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jeff said...

Most white guys pay at the pump and don't actually enter the gas station, otherwise I'm sure they'd be checking you out, whistling, and all that jazz.