Friday, October 26, 2012

Bonobos Khakis

If any men out there are looking for the most amazing Khaki's ever (if you lost your butt, you will find it in these), I highly recommend Bonobos.  I bought a pair for my handsome devil for his birthday and I now firmly believe every man should have a pair (of pants, get your minds out of the gutter).

They have an unbeatable return/exchange policy, free shipping, and you can use this link to get $25 off! Just copy/paste it into your web browser and select "apply."  You are welcome:-)

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Aaron said...

They look comfy, and I could use some new pants (especially non-jeans). Maybe I'll grab a pair and let you know what I think!

Dashbo's no-brainer math for right-brained folk. said...

Do they have any made out of denim?

Larissa said...

Dashbo - They DO have an entire denim selection, but they are really, really spendy: