Thursday, May 10, 2012

Out of the Way, Little One

You know those awkward moments when you turn a corner and there you stand, face-to-face with another being.  You do a little dance, make a little awkwardness, get outta the way. 

Does anyone else always feel like they are always the one expected to get out of the way?  I've been paying more attention to this lately because it happens at my office at least twice for every time I get out of my seat. 

Why, just the other day, I had to literally walk backwards for more than a few steps because someone was coming towards me in a narrow space.  For whatever reason they expected me to move.  Never you mind that if they had stopped in their tracks when they first saw me, I could have made it to my destination without consequence.  I can't quite figure the logic behind that one.  "Well, she's coming towards me and I'm coming towards her.  Instead of both of us stepping to the side slightly or me just pausing for two seconds, I will make her walk backwards for ten steps - that would be the easiest and most amusing option for me." 

Clearly, I know that was not the thought process, but what could it possibly be?

I've tried to stand more firm recently.  And I really have come to the painful conclusion that people apply the same philosophy in-person as they do in cars, "I'm bigger.  You get out of my way."   Is there some defacto law that states that the bigger person always has the right-of-way?

Be kind to us shorties.  We are human too. 


Heidi said...

Are any of these rude car crashing co-workers men? I think the subject of chivalry might need to be addressed here.

Aaron said...

I've thought about this, and I'd say:
Don't give way! If you don't feel comfortable continuing to walk and making them move, then just stop and stand in the exact same spot, so they have to go around you. Certainly don't back up. Own your right of way!

Larissa said...

Most of these people are women, actually. I do get even more put-off when it is a man. Everyone is bigger than me, pretty much...if they aren't, I definitely yield to them because, well, I get it:-)
I'll never walk backwards again - I felt sooo inferior at that was awwwwkward.

Amy said...

Ever since reading this, I've made more of an effort to not be in this situation and to stay confident in my position, so thanks. Little ones, UNITE!

Shayla said...

There is a man at my work who always makes the women move out of the way. He won't slow down, budge, nothin'. So some of the girls decided next time it happens we are going to let him run into us and then file sexual harassment. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny...I always find myself doing the yielding, and 50% of the time I'm the bigger one. I think two truly courteous people would yield to each other.