Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sheer Energy Legs!

I am immature. Or at least I was this week on a trip to one of my most beloved restaurants.
Maybe it didn't help that I was with my lil sis, who was visiting from Ohio.
Maybe it didn't help that we had a couple of other friends with us with whom we have non-stop giggle-fests.
Regardless...we couldn't stop ourselves.
We saw this man.
He was wearing cargo pants and tennis shoes.
Then...he wasn't...and we saw...pantyhose.

I know he is probably wearing these for circulation difficulties and I am the most meany mcmeanerface person in the whole world by getting a kick out of his kicks, but....c'mon! You'd be more than slightly amused too!


Anonymous said...

hahaha that was so much fun and my mom had no freaking idea she thought we were laughing at her and he was totally glaring at us the whole time and in all the pictures we took (yes we sat there taking pics of him) he was staring at us hahahaha best night ever :)

Anonymous said...

Yes you were immature at the time(lets hope that's not the case nowadays). You were also pretty ignorant and disrespectful at the time. Men have been wearing pantyhose long time before the women did. They still do - and I am talking normal, straight men - not the gay or cross-dressing crowd.
They just recently became more open about it and started wearing them in public. (Probably, the reason is people like yourself who would point, laugh, take pictures or even judge people by their clothes).
Women have been wearing pants and other typical male clothing articles and you dont see us point and laugh right? Or maybe we should, next time when you go out in jeans?
Hopefuly, two years after your original post you are more informed on "man wearing pantyhose" subject and more mature to show respect to strangers who mind their own business and wear what they wish without being photographed by immature girls with bad manners.
btw. Leggs Sheer Energy is one of the preffered brands/models for men. There are also "male-specific models" sold by other companies and I can promiss you - you'll see more and more men wearing nylons in public so get used to it. There is also no guarantee that everyone is going to be as tolerant to the invasion of privacy as the subject of your laughs that night.