Thursday, July 22, 2010

Letter to a 15 Year Old

July 22, 1995

Dear Larissa,

You are enjoying summer break, seeing Clueless (soon to be one of your favorite movies), and probably enjoying a light bean burrito from Taco Bell's now extinct light menu (enjoy them while you can!). You've just finished your first show choir camp, are mourning your first summer off of gymnastics team, and gearing up for your national baton competition in California. Man, you are going to love that surprise cruise your parents take you on afterwards in the Mexican Riviera, the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studios, Disneyland, and touring all of the southern half of California. You won't even get to go home after that three-week trip before heading to your first band camp as feature (and only) baton twirler for the school - enjoy this season with Mr. Morgan while you can because your new director next year will be a red-headed tyrant.

But what I really want to tell you, at the height of all of these amazing things are you growing towards and experiencing, is to hang in there and keep giving yourself those high-and-mighty goals.

Your priorities will change substantially over the years, but based on what you are concerned about now, here are some more things you should know:

-Don't worry so much about your weight - you'll be just as small if not smaller in 15 years. You will definitely be healthier as you learn to love fitness and being/eating healthy and working out.
-Don't worry that you won't get "the" lead in the musical your senior year - your time will come and you will be all the more grateful.
-Don't worry that you haven't been paid much attention by the boys. Not to frighten you, but you actually won't go on your first date until you are about 17 and a half. The only school dance you'll go to will be your senior prom with your best guy friend. But you know what? You'll grow to go on over a hundred dates with men who are much more amazing than any you currently fancy. You will learn all-too-well how to love and then how to let go.
-You may miss gymnastics, but you'll get to take a gymnastics class every semester of college, as well as help coach. In fact, you never give it up. You can still do aerials and back flips and kips and splits against the wall:-) You will still wear your team shirt to bed.
-You can wear colored underwear - don't listen to your mom's nonsense.
-You will have your very own kitty who lives inside with you and loves you way too much.
-You will get into a great school and graduate college.
-You'll be financially stable and have your very own big girl place to yourself.
-Keep saving your money and being frugal.
-You'll get a different car when you are 18....and you will still have it at 30...treat it well.
-You will have visited all 50 states by the time you are 29. Many with dear friends and unforgettable memories.
-You will get to live and work in New York City! And will visit there at least 11 times.
-Treasure your family - you will leave Ohio for college at 17 and you will never live there again.
-Your mother will always have battles with food. Learn from her experiences and love her.
-Cry. It feels good.
-Pajama pants? Yeah, still the good stuff in life.
-You will miss mowing the lawn on that riding mower in the summer sun for 3 hours while snagging fresh blackberries from the bushes as you buzz by.
-Always remain more generous with others than you are with yourself.
-Keep that drive, determination, and motivation you have - this is one of your most unique and advantageous features.

Just stop worrying!
You live life to the fullest every day in every way, have some of the most amazing friends in the world, constantly dream and constantly make those dreams come true.


Janell said...

Beautifully written :)

Shayla said...

what an awesome post!

miss kristen said...

Love love love it. You are the bestest.

Jon said...

That was inspiring. You're awesome!