Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad Romance

I gathered together with friends of yore last night while my sissy was in town from Ohio. We were giggling, as girls do, about funny stories from years ago.
We recalled one in particular that instigated quite the prolonged giggle-fest.

One Valentine's Day a very sweet boy scraped my windshield for me. Cute.
He left Hershey's Kisses in the shape of a heart on said windshield. Very Cute.
Upon which windshield he placed a photo that had some kind of precious animal. Very Very Cute.
Examination revealed photo of a llama...being kissed by a human. Odd. Potentially funny.
Close examination revealed the photo was of this very sweet boy kissing the llama. Disturbing. Definitely funny. Surely not the kind of funny intended.
Removal of this bad romance photo uncovered a note. Possible explanation and chance for redemption.
Note states, "I need this photo back."



Jon said...

That guy is a keeper. I'm sure you're kicking yourself that you didn't end up with him.

Eric said...

He just wanted to see you when you brought back the photo - so he could show you his pet llama.