Monday, June 14, 2010

Taco Bell Crocodile Tears

I am by far not a person who cries. I've never cried at a movie. The series finale of Golden Girls is the closest I have come to crying at a filmed show.
So what made me cry today?
Taco Bell.
They have this Fresco Menu, also lamely referred to as the Drive-Thru Diet Menu, with a 150-calorie taco. I regularly get 2 taco's drenched in fire sauce for my 1pm meal , totaling $2.57 and 300 calories. Today the man, whom I have not yet encountered in my almost-daily visits, said $3.34. I drove up to the window and said, "The sign says they are $1.19 each and I only got two, so the total should be less."
He said, "We charge extra for Fresco." (regular tacos are only .89 - does getting fresco really basically double the price?)
I said, "The sign says it is $1.19 and I've been coming and getting them almost every day and they are $1.19."
He replied, "Well it should say we charge extra for Fresco."
I was looking directly at the fresco menu and the price was directly under the item. We aren't selling cars here - base model taco or fully loaded? Sheesh.
"I guess I'll just leave then." And I drove off into the afternoon heat with my belly screaming at me that I should have just paid the extra money.
The next thing I realized I had a tear (or several) running down my face as I moaned, "I'm so hungry. I'm just so so so hungry."
I got back to work and wrote a complaint e-mail. Not that it will help anything, but seriously Taco Bell! Um, and seriously Larissa - crying over a taco?


Eric said...

Weird! Sorry that happened.

Jon said...

Maybe now you understand a little why people say that "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomache."