Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creamy Caramel Nest Eggs

I stopped by fake Albertson's (those scoundrels changed my beloved Albertson's to Fresh Market, tempting me to "get fresh" with them, but I restrain) to pick up some pickles for my new favorite Veggie Burgers.
I walked down the aisle and my vision started to blur with excitement as the pastels of the most delicious candy of the year passed before mine eyes. Then, I saw them...my destiny, my loves, the thing I crave ten months of the year.
Oh, how my heart went pitter-patter!
I couldn't resist those Creamy Caramel Nest Eggs. They taunted me, they called my name. To quote Jacques from Finding Nemo, "I am ashamed." (normally I wouldn't be, but I've been working with a nutritionist for the past 2-3 months and should abstain from such treats to make myself as delicious as the candies )
To all those interested - they are even creamier and caramelier than ever before. I am in love.


Shayla said...

nooooooooooo!!!! don't do it!!!!!

Vanessa Swenson said...

do it.

how does one get fresh with a grocery store. please explain, i'm looking for new avenues of freshiness.

Larissa said...

C'mon Venom! You know - slap 'em around a little - let 'em know who is the boss. I'm not talking Tony Danza here...I'm talking jamming the thunderstorm mechanism over the produce, cracking 1 egg in every egg container, opening a package of jelly beans and letting them roll all over the floor. Get creative here!

Jon said...

Wow...I had no idea you had such a personal vendetta against grocery store takeovers.

Vanessa Swenson said...

Can I be your apprentice?

Larissa said...

Yes, young Padawan - you have much to learn!