Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is my oreode to charity.
Last night my ward held an auction to support the families we are sponsoring for Sub-4-Santa.
Many volunteers donated items and services while equally as many bid.
I offered a tutorial on how to make my famous homemade oreo's, as well as taking home the freshly created morsels of heaven.
Imagine my shock as the price jumped from $5 to $30 in about 10 seconds!
$35 going once...going twice...sold!
One of the most amazing young men I know will now hold the magical powers of oreo creation.
What is more amazing than the amount of the auction are the hearts of those participating. Last night wasn't about getting a bargain - last night was about giving the blessings we have received to others. My cookies are certainly not worth $35, but the joy an individual in need will receive is worth far more.
In all, we helped to raise over $3,000 for charity. I am in awe.

I also just realized that all those times I've thought I had to beg for help making cookies could really be quite a profitable venture...just kidding, of course:-)

(and for those who are wondering - I bid on, and won, the opportunity to have the lovely Stacey-Marie Hansen -aka Miss Murray- fix my hair as well as a cut/color for my hairs from my professional stylist whom you should ALL go to/good friend Leah!)


Jon said...

I don't think I get any better satisfaction than in serving others. It's truly an incredible thing. I'm glad last night was such a success.

Shayla said...

I'm still in awe with how amazing the people in our ward are...