Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eating Out - The Results

I made a goal.
I followed all the rules that I could not eat out unless:
1. I am invited to go out to eat - as a date or with a group
2. I get to go out for my "Birthday Dinner"
3. I am running on "E" and it is one of those days where I am away from home from 7:30am-10:30pm

My goal was to save money and fat - the result? TOTALLY backfired!
I found myself taking up every opportunity friends extended to go out to eat. In fact, I found myself telling them they should invite me to go out to eat otherwise I couldn't and ends up this must be true torture for most people cause they would all invite me right then and there! I did one time take awesome Shayla out for salad cause she had a less-than-stellar week, but I hardly think that counts against me.
I found myself running straight from work to rehearsal and not getting home until 11, which meant a quick Subway sandwich or Wendy's dollar menu.
I found myself going out on dates more often than not and we all know men love to eat...and I like to pretend they like a woman who loves to eat. At least one of them does, I know that for sure;-) Since I was going on dates regularly and typically not paying, that means I would have spent even more if I were eating on my own.
I did obey the rules and never ate out "just because," however, I spent more money stocking up on groceries because I was eating out, then getting invited on a date or to go eat, then the food I bought would go bad! I had more food around the house, thus eating more often.

The end result? $25 more spent for the month and a few pounds gained! What the?!?

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