Friday, June 28, 2013


I wonder this sometimes, "What kind of person has nothing better to do than to insult random people on the internet?" 

If you watch a live theater performance, do you think that what you see on the stage from an actor is his or her real life personality?  I should hope not.  Why, then, would someone assume a small representation of my writing represents my entire personality and life?  Without ever having met me and spent quality time with me, I say you are far removed from the truth.

I write in this format to share thoughts and goings-on with my friends, family, other loved ones, or anyone who comes across the information and feels it resonating with them. 

More recently, I've only been writing about theater, as I can do that with an element of displacement.  Why?  There are some nasty strangers out there.   Strangers who want to destroy my self-worth and personal life.  I've thought over and again, "It's not worth a personal attack."  I fiercely love my people and that kind of love also brings about a fierce sensitivity. 

I've decided that I'd rather write than cower.  The thoughts I receive from love far outnumber those from hate.  Hopefully I'll have more stories for you engagement?! 


S.R. Braddy said...

Yes, please!

miss kristen said...

Now I want to know what happened...and who I need to junk-punch.

People feel they can attack because the internet is a faceless medium and they can hide behind their anonymity. To the haters I say "Screw you".

Aaron said...

Only cowards hide behind the internet's secrecy to say nasty things. You are amazing and I love your posts, so don't change just because some haters try to spread their stupidity.
Keep calm and post on!

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