Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You ate WHAT for Breakfast?

This time of year drives me crazy for three main reasons:

1. January is the longest, coldest month of the year for me
2. Other people's driving in the snow scares the snot outta me
3. People will not shut up about what they are or are not eating

One and two explain themselves.

I do not understand the phenomenon behind people feeling the need to rationalize everything they do or do not put into their mouths to anyone who will listen.  I can't make a trip to the lunch room without hearing what all the ingredients and calorie content are in everyone's meals.  Usually, I get a smattering of what the previous meal or two contained.  I often hear a non-nutritionist, never-worked-with-a-nutritionist person spouting off unsolicited advice OR solicited advice towards a poor innocent who has no idea that the non-nutritionist is completely void of actually professional knowledge.  Then there are those in the office trying out the latest fad diet.  I've watched these folks try them over and over again, always losing weight or whatever it is they hope to accomplish, and then six months later being back in the same boat and doing them all over again.  I guess if that works for them, great, but the endless pattern and endless conversation completely surrounding all things edible is exhausting for me.

What would be better is if I heard conversations of, "Wow, you've lost weight and I've watched you get healthier and healthier for a year - do you have any tips?"  Or, "Hey, Larissa, I know you have worked with a nutritionist and have maintained healthiness for a few years - any advice?  I'm struggling."  I'll help where I can, but always refer to professionals for more know-how.  I understand people need support groups and I know several friends who have private blogs regarding nutrition or their other strugglesI support legit, knowledgeable conversation and advice, please don't think I'm directing this at you if you know what you are talking about. 

I eat junk food every day in some form or another.  Many people around me are under the impression that I never do, which has been a source of much confusion for me until I realized this one thing...I never talk about what I eat (except with my beau - sorry!).  When I eat a Snickers, I don't make a grand announcement and emit love-making noises with every bite.  I just dissect accordingly (you'd know what this meant if you ever watched me eat a Snickers) and bask in the glow of tastiness until the inevitable sugar crash comes.

Ya'all don't have to justify what you are or aren't eating to everyone around you.  I just want to make a trip to the kitchen without getting an earful of terribly misdirected, misinformed, calorie-reducing nutrition talk.  Shut up and make like Nike -  just do it.

They might be onto something though...talking has to burn a few extra calories...


S.R. Braddy said...

I ate almond M&Ms for breakfast. It's this new diet I'm on. It's called "The Break Room Diet for Poor People."

Larissa said...

I commend your decision for several reasons:
1. M&Ms. Enough said.
2. Almond M&Ms are the high-class ones.
3. I'm like a pavlovian dog when I hear M&Ms clinking into a container or rustling in a bag.
4. Almonds have protein.

Miss Megan said...

I love that you eat some junk food everyday, and that when we go out to eat you don't obsess about eating a salad every time. You eat healthy the rest of the time and are active and that works for you... and me. Thanks for the hope and the support!