Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life Without Television or Internet

I live in a condo with no television reception and no internet. 

Last week I turned on my TV for the first time in about a month only to find I have absolutely zero reception.

After a few emails and phone calls with my landlord and on his part (he's the best!), we found out that I have been receiving my basic network channels through cable, not an antennae, for the past five years and they have recently discovered their faux pas and turned off access.  Five years.  I don't feel guilty because it was basic network television.  Unfortunately, the antennae in my condo building are so defunct, I can't pick up channels at all now.

Five years ago, when I moved to Salt Lake, I did not get internet for my condo because a) I have my phone and b) I didn't know how long I was staying.  As time progressed, my choice was more budgetary.  I can pick up on a rogue connection in certain corners of my room to write posts and schedule them to publish or make note of things I need to look at in my break time at work.

I don't really miss the media while home.  I have access to internet and television when I need it and I really can't justify paying an extra sum per month for access that I'd only use for a few hours.  There are easily a hundred other things I could be doing aside from sitting at home in front of the working out in front of the television at Gold's. 

The only downside is that I have zero ideas on how to use DVR's and the like.

How about you?  Could you live without television or internet in your home?


Kenedijs said...

As mobile phone plans get better and faster than the land line plans, I imagine that I will be cutting them all off and just using my phone or tethering my computer to my phone for internet. As it is I don't really watch that much media though.

LovelyLauren said...

TV, definitely. All we have is netflix and whatever out antennae picks up (and I only bought the antennae so I could watch the Olympics.)

But internet? No way. Even if I quit wasting time, I need it too much for work.

Janell said...

I lived without a television for about a year. I didn't miss it much other than for the social aspects. I stayed up to date on shows I like via internet or DVD.

Life without consistant internet access at home - perish the thought. That said, I'm trying to be better about getting on the new less frequently.

Heidi said...

My family and I have no tv and no internet. We are in the same boat you are. I didn't want to pay for cable and have no signal for regular channels. The only thing I miss is my daily dose of news stories and watching LDS Conference twice a year. I can access the internet on my phone, so we are not completely stranded from the outside world. But I will say that I LOVE not having it. I LOVE that my kids do something other than watch tv. They play, dance, sing, etc. and don't even miss tv. I don't think I will be pursuing tv as a form of entertainment in our home. We will be getting internet this week because we are doing into the Family History Indexing and need it. But I also think we could live without many first world luxuries and survive. :)