Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Fun, Budget-Friendly Activities for Valentine's: Guest Post

The lovely Londonite, Louise Mitchell, with online dating site Lovestruck, contacted me awhile back with a great idea for a guest blog on Valentine's ideas for teenagers and budget-minded folks.  Enjoy her post!  

It is that time of year again when everyone’s on the look-out for love, eyes start wandering in the halls of schools and colleges all over the world looking for a special someone to call your Valentine. It might be that you are looking for a date for the evening or are already in a relationship with someone and are looking for some fun things to do. Here are 5 fun suggestions with some little tips on making them a little but special.

1: Favourite Movie Night

This is where you spend the night swapping your favourite movies, so bring your favourite ever DVD to share and an extra large bucket of popcorn and share those special moments with the one you love and maybe create some of your own.
Here’s how to make it special:
Make your own invitation with a ticket but do not give away your favourite movie as this should be a surprise on the night. Maybe include it in a romantic card and set the date, sprinkle a few rose petals in too. You might want to his or her favourite sweets or ice-creams for the date to show you already know what they like. This is perfect when the budget is tight but you still want to be sweet.

2: The Walk and Picnic

If you are near any nature reserves or spots of real natural beauty then arrange a visit there with a picnic, preparation is the key here, research picnic spots and toileting facilities before you go. You might need to research the transport and costs of this as well as getting the right food and drinks too. Arrange this with your Valentine as a cryptic date and make it a surprise but let them know they won’t need a suit or high-heals, it may be this park has boats to hire or something special there so give them a cute clue! Travelling together will give you time to talk as well as letting the excitement build between you. Make sure you have some kind of blanket etc to sit and have your picnic on. Making your own tortilla wraps chicken with salad is very healthy but bring a few treats too. Try to keep the food easy to throw away so that you won’t have to carry it around if you go and explore the area and maybe ask parents of family to get you home safely.

3: Paint Balling!

I know this is not very romantic and it isn’t really meant to be, this is for the group of singles who haven’t got a date but would like to do something with a big group and maybe there’s is someone special in that group you would like to get to know better. Arranging a big group outing around Valentines’ Day is a great way to feel less blue about not having found someone special. Try go-karting, ice-skating or paint balling depending on your area and budget is a great way to get the singles mingling and might even lead to some romance along the way who knows?

4: Romantic Presents

Romance does not have to be expensive and over the top, it should be sweet.
Compliment Jar: A container filled with sweet little hand-written notes of romantic quotes and things that you love about the person to remind them when you are apart how you feel, thing like ‘your eyes
are beautiful’ or ‘when I hold your hand I get tingles in my stomach.’ You can put in lyrics from their favourite songs, poems or even little pictures that will help them think of you. You might want to add love hearts or their favourite sweets or chocolates. You could even dry press some flowers or put in synthetic rose petals to make it look pretty.

5: Ticket Available

There are so many great films to see and there is always a romantic comedy out for Valentines’ Day so never fear, there could be a band playing or a great sporting event or something fun on to do. You should certainly think about who you are inviting and tailor it to something both of you would enjoy whether it’s a monster truck derby or watching ballet, getting tickets for and event is a great way to get a date. Being sweet and sending your prospective date a sweet but simple card with a message about the date, venue and time etc. Maybe you have never spoken to this person before, leave your mobile number in the Valentines card as well as who you are, in this case it is better not to be secretive as they will not turn up and when they contact you, you can arrange to go.

Author Bio:
This is a guest post by Louise Mitchell, a relationship expert who advises couples with relationship troubles as well as helping singles on the ways to find the best partner for them. Louise is currently consulting with Lovestruck on their on-line dating site to help singles use a profiling service to help people find specific traits they are looking for whether it’s a single in Singapore or a lonely heart in London.


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