Thursday, December 13, 2012

Opening a Can

This is not about opening a proverbial can of whoop a**, as it were. 

I'm talking about a real can.  But perhaps they are, in actuality, a can of whoop a**. 


Because those blasted things scare the bajeebers out of me.

Have you ever opened one with the pull-off lid?  Do you know that moment when you hold your breath, make the final tug, and pray you don't get splattered with liquid as the lid breaks free from the can?  Have you ever not been splattered?  I think I'm about zero for...hmm...however many cans you can open in your life time.  I was reminded of this today at lunch as I tried to open a can of patheticness (aka some 210-calorie Chef Boyaredee kids meal).

To make up for it, I am eating the lion's share of Rocky Mountain Chocolates one of our vendors sent.  You need comfort food after a trauma.  Okay, not really - I am not an emotional just sounded like a good excuse.    

Does anyone have any secret tips for lid removal sans splatter massacre? 

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