Friday, December 14, 2012

Somewhere Out There

"I have been out back looking for shooting stars tonight.  Remember when you did that?  I saw one!  I love you!  Goodnight my wonderful daughters!"

My dad sent me that last night sometime during the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert.  I smiled, felt my "dad loves me" little warm fuzzy, and quickly forgot.

On the way home (Rob and I were in separate vehicles due to some car issues we'd helped his family with earlier in the evening), Rob and I were on the phone when a brilliantly vast shooting star blazed across the sky.  We yelled out, "I just saw a shooting star!" in such synchronization that he didn't even hear my exclamation.

I shared with him my text from my father earlier that night and how it seems more than a coincidence.  He replied, "Why don't you call him and sing Somewhere Out There."

"Have I told you that story?"
"What story?"
"About that song....have I told you?"
"No, I don't think so..."
"About how that is my dad's song for me?  That ever since I was a little girl, he always thinks of me when he hears that song or looks at the sky?"
"Wow, no, I didn't know that."

This afternoon I called my father to tell him the story rather than text.  He added, "You know, your sister and Braelin (niece) responded that they saw a shooting star too!"

Sometimes, the littlest things bring us together across what seems like a universe apart.  Maybe it was just a simple meteor shower, but maybe, just maybe, it was more than that. 

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Unknown said...

I got some amazing chills reading this. thank you.