Monday, September 24, 2012


Folks, this is my first post as a 32-year old.   

What's that?  You want to know all about my birthday?  Well since you asked nicely...

Last week was a collision of fun times - an elegant dinner out at Paris Bistro with my handsome fellow's family, a Yelp event at Rice Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar, and 9 to 5 the Musical at Hale Centre Theatre.

Then came my birthday.  This year I had taken note of all of the crazy amounts of events happening around my birthday and had decided I would just play it cool and spend the evening with Rob (yeah, handsome fellow I keep alluding to has a name - who knew?) instead of making myself another chore on everyone's to-do list.  My friends had a different idea.

I arrived at my 1/2 day of work to decorations, my favorite co-worker produced baked goods - caramel brownies, and a Nordstrom gift card.  Everyone was so kind and sweet in spite of the extreme work-stress we've been under recently. 

After work, my next agenda item was a 5-mile run at the gym.  Some of you may think this is rather odd, especially because my legs are about two inches long and I am not, I repeat not, a runner.  But this is a benchmark run for me each year because I don't think I can get too far off the fitness path if I can run five miles in under 50 minutes at least once each year.  I was a little further along in my training for the run this year and managed to beat last year's time of 43:25, running my five miles in only 41:45!!!  I was so proud of myself and exhausted.

I didn't let the exhaustion wear me down too much because Rob (have I mentioned he is the best?) booked a 90-minute massage for me.  You heard me.  I've never had a real, professional massage before and had no idea the ecstasy I was in for.  I had no idea 90-minutes could pass so quickly or that my mind could be so empty.  Imagine my surprise as I stumbled out of the massage room in my semi-coherent state to hear, "You have a delivery."  Rob had dropped off flowers for me at the front desk!  I must have lit up like the sun as the therapists exclaimed various renditions of, "You have the best boyfriend ever!"

Upon arriving home, I cleaned up a bit, took a little power nap, and made myself pretty for the evening, which would first involve heading to a DJ meeting with Rob for his 45-minute presentation.  Before you think that is also a weird thing, I thought nothing of it - I love knowing what is going on and helping out where I can with his business and I also think it is nice to do something sweet for him after he had spent the whole day making sure I was spoiled.  Little did I know the spoiling wasn't over.

We left the meeting after his presentation and after I asked where we were headed he said, "Well, I forgot my wallet at your house."
"I have money.  You can pay me back, I don't care."
"It's your birthday.  I would feel better if I paid.  What do you want to eat?"
He clearly knows talk of food will divert my attentions more quickly than anything. 

As fishy as this wallet debacle was, I clearly had not suspected anything up until that moment or I would have made sure to eat before I'd left home.

I walked around the corner into my condo to this gloriously unusual non-happy birthday song:

I may be acting entirely silly in that video, but I was brimming so fully of love that it almost spilled out my eyes if you know what I mean.  I could not believe it.  I love all of my friends so much and to know this many people were able to sacrifice the precious little time we all have just to come and wish me a happy birthday (which is always weird because it isn't like I actually did anything to be born), is overwhelming.  What an amazing sight.

Apparently Melissa and Rob had been planning this soiree for weeks.  Good one Guys, good one.  The guests came and went over the next four hours, each new face causing me to squeal with joy.  If any of the guests are deaf now, my deepest apologies.  My day and my heart were full beyond what I ever could have hoped for or done for myself.

And if all of that wasn't enough, the next morning Rob dropped by my office to meet all of my co-workers and wish me Happy Birthday yet again.

Not to sound cheesy or cliche, but my life is richly, fully, explodingly blessed.  Thank you all for being on this journey with me and so selflessly giving me your love every day.  Here's to the next 32!!!

My Fella and Me, 1950s high-school style for Yelp's back-to-school event

The flowers Rob delivered while I had a 90-minute massage
Shayla knows I don't like cake, so she and Laci made this amazing Rice Crispy Treat peanut butter cup/pretzel concoction for me!

Amy, me, Melissa - the last ladies of round 1 at the surprise party

Me, Chris, Megan, the true last guests to the party

The man of the hour and just about the best man that ever there was

Aloof Adorable Amy, me-clearly-not-ready-for-a-photo-and-rather-skeptical-about-something, and Hottie Keri working it - love these beautiful, energetic, glowing women!


Janell said...

You DO have the best boyfriend ever!

Murph said...

That's quite a B-day.
How did you like 9 to 5?
My wife and I loved it... except for those wierd, Disneyland-ish Dolly videos at the beginning and end.

Miss Megan said...

That rice crispy cake was amazing!

So glad you had such a happy birthday. You deserve it!! I bet the rest of the year just keeps getting better and better :-D