Monday, April 9, 2012

Nik Day Music

My director from Arsenic and Old Lace, Tucker Dansie, is a man of many gifted talents.  And he introduced me to something I am thrilled about.

What is it?

The music of Nik Day.  Have a listen for yourself.  Or at least listen to learn about what kind of music I like.

Tucker directed this first video (only the first one, the others were other madskillz folks) - W.O.W.  I can't believe I have been so blessed as to work with people of this caliber of skill and talent!


Aaron said...

Great song writing and piano playing. Wish he were on Spotify so I could add him to my playlist and he could make a few extra buckaroos off me listening :)

Tucker said...

DUDE! Thanks for the props! We did NOT make his other videos.

We just made "ONE IN A MILLION" (
& "SADDER" ( and "SADDER" is now on the Film Festivsl circut playing in3 festivals this year!

Check us out at or to see the new artists we are following!

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