Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Little Poof Tail

Every once in awhile I geek out about my tiny tiger.  It's allowable in moderation, right?

I call her "my little poof tail" because she has this ridiculously poofy tail she flaunts like there's no tomorrow.  She also carries it like a squirrel tail - always up and curled around.

One of my favorite things about her is that she waits until I fall asleep every night before crawling into the nook of my arm, snuggling her little head on my shoulder or just under my chin, and stretching her paw across my chest.  When I wake up, she begins purring.  Silly as it sounds, this is a tender moment I share with my little four-legged companion each morning - always starting the day off right.

This is my view first thing each morning

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