Friday, May 21, 2010

Smart Cookie Gushing

Smart Cookie Company is by far the best cookie bakery in existence. I've had cookies in almost every state from Alaska to New York to Hawaii to Florida. Nothing beats a Smart Cookie!

This place is so amazing, this is my second blog dedicated to its deliciousness! In fact, Smart Cookie is the only cookie I prefer to one of my own homemade treats!

Every time I enter the doors in Fort Union and the miraculous scent wafting about the air hits me, my heart skips a beat. I panic and think, "Perhaps these cookies aren't as delicious as I remember. Maybe I am only remembering them as God's gift to cookie lovers everywhere because I don't have treats that often." Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Then I take a bite and every doubt I have is washed away.

They are every bit as delectable as only one's wildest imagination can conjure....crack for the cookie lover. I've even recruited more than my fare share of addicts - you few dozen folks know who you are. If you haven't had Smart Cookie, you haven't lived. Try it. Now.

Doesn't this photo make you salivate?
I snitched from their website:

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