Wednesday, May 12, 2010


On what planet would jamming floss through your gums down to the very root of your teeth and poking at them with sharp objects not cause your gums to bleed?
I floss twice per day and you want to tell me that I need to floss more and my gums won't bleed? HIGHLY doubtful. No matter how often I floss, cutting at them with sharp objects and pressure will always make them bleed....and throb...and swell. Sheesh.


Krissy said...

I shouldn't comment his time!

Larissa said...

I was wondering what you would have to say:-) I love going to the dentist, I just hate how they always chew me out that my gums wouldn't bleed if I'd floss. I floss at least once per day the way you taught me actually:-) (most of the time twice), use their special expensive mouthwash that you can only use once per day and brush at least twice per day. I think it's the stabbing and overly rough flossing they do while I'm there that is the cause of the problem:-) I do love the dentist and go every 6 months though!