Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"We may often find ourselves making quick judgments about people, which can change or redefine our relationships with them. Often we make incorrect judgments because of limited information, or not seeing beyond that which is immediately in front of us. …" - Gregory Schwitzer

This past Sunday afternoon, I listened to a speaker who reminded me that I never know someone's entire story. I can use my judgment to enable to me get to where I want in this life and eternally when choosing a companion, making employment decisions, or deciding who I will surround myself with socially. But I am never to judge my fellowman.

I admit, I am guilty. I need to use my judgment to not just make my life better, but the lives of all of those around me. Here is to making a change in the world one small decision at a time.

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Jon said...

President Schwitzer lived just a few houses down the street from me growing up! I knew him when he was our stake president, and his wife was my sunday school teacher just before he was called as a mission president. That's awesome that his talk is the one you quoted!