Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Confessions: I am Sometimes a People of Walmart

Friday night around 10pm, I got a random phone call to rescue a friend from a "I locked my keys in my car" situation.

Afterwards, due to my newly-acquired first-ever herpes infection (just the cold sore mentioned in my last post, gear down), I found myself desperate for a solution.  The cold sore was fixin' to bloom into something much larger than I was willing to cooperate with.

I'd planned on being in for the night and left the house willy-nilly in what I was wearing when I got the phone call. 

The Outfit:
Purple fleece pajama pants
Bright pink sweatshirt with glitter (this was a gift from my sister - I'm beyond purchasing glitter, unless it goes on my toes)
No bra
Hair in a sock bun

I didn't think anything of running to Walmart to pick up some Abreva.  Until I walked in and looked around.  I was snickering at people.  Then I looked down at my own ensemble.  I could hear the soundtrack for Psycho playing as I realized, "I am a 'People of Walmart.'" 


miss kristen said...

I am firmly of the opinion that emergency ventures after 10 pm for any sort of medicine voids the people of Walmart eligibility. Poo happens, ya know?

S.R. Braddy said...

I am firmly of the opinion that if you go into Walmart for WHATEVER reason, you deserve what's coming to you.

Seriously, eff that place!

Larissa said...

Stephen - Target closes at 10:-( Would it help you to know that I left Walmart empty-handed and headed over to Rite Aid?

Janell said...

Upon occasion I've needed with mild urgency (e.g. gallon of milk), self-assessed my apperance, and concluded, "The only place I can go is Walmart."

miss kristen said...

Stephen, tell us how you REALLY feel...

Miss Megan said...

I feel weird trying to look cute when I go to Walmart, because I know I'll be picking up strange things like poster board, green plastic leis, and a step ladder. Why not be comfortable when I'll just be lugging that stuff around anyway?

Um, I mean, yeah, your outfit sounds embarrassing.... ;P

Murph said...


Aaron said...

This is marvelous. Keep calm and Walmart on!

Sharon said...

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