Friday, July 17, 2009

Clothes B.O.

I was rehearsing the other day, sweating profusely - the fire department could us me as a hose - and I caught a whiff of this stench. My first thought? "Oh no, I forgot to put on deodorant!" In as sneaky a manner as I could, I sniffed the pits - nope, good. I sniffed the shirt - nada. I sniffed the feet (I'm flexible) - nothing! Then I remembered thinking my gym pants weren't quite dry as I had pulled them out of the dryer that morning. I bent over and sniffed the pants - GUILTY!
Seems the smell of mildew-y laundry can cause the same kind of wretched odor as "au natural" proponents. Blagh.


Brent & Andrea said...

You are so funny! Leave it to Riss for a good smell-check ;)

Clestial said...

umm.. ew.

Anna said...


BO offender...but not.

your great.