Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stolen Car

It is quite complicated typing with a kitty and a laptop on your lap, but she seems quite contented, so I'll make due.
A few weeks ago I got in my car for my 6:30am morning commute to see a letter on my dash. Wha...? I see it is addressed to my roommate's sister and think, "What, they couldn't break into HER car?" I open this note from our friend Nate that says something about thanks for letting him borrow the car. Now I'm really confused.
I text Nate and ask him why he put that note in my car. He got confused and said he borrowed Dacya's sister's car. The Honda civic. The red one. dear, dear Nate. She has a silver Honda.
Now the question is, why did her key work on my car? Second - it is a VERY good thing I was napping while he had the car, otherwise I would have reported it stolen (very likely in my old hood). Could you imagine them "catching" the thief and it is my friend? Ha...what a scenario.


Vanessa Swenson said...

It's almost unfortunate that it didn't happen, the whole accidental stealing it thingie.

Janell said...

I've heard of some car keys opening other cars by the same manufacturer before. I didn't know if that was myth or truth though.