Thursday, February 14, 2008

Memoir to Romance

In celebration of the big V-day, I decided to share with you all of the times I have been "picked up on" in my dating history. Yes, I can remember and count them all.
1. Walmart Guy - Hispanic man finds me in the toy section and says, "It is not every day I see a woman as beautiful as you." I say, "Thanks," and high-tail it outta there!
2. Smith's Parking Lot Guys - I hear this hispanic kid and an african-american kid screaming, "Girl, hey you, girl! You in the black pants and pink shirt, you TIGHT!" I laugh at their attempts to find a holla back girl, then look down and realize I am, indeed, wearing black pants and a pink shirt.
3. South African at the Gym - This guy, Meshek, kept making conversation with me at the gym. I thought he was just being nice, so I talked with him even though I had a boyfriend. One day he asks me to a party with him. Those who know me may know my extreme weakness for beefy black men, but I had to politely decline. He was rather put off when he learned I had a boyfriend and said, "Well when you decide you need a real man, you know where to find me." No, Meshek, I don't! You stopped coming to the gym two days later and I've never seen you again in two years! Where are you? I haven't met my goal of getting a date once a month yet for February! Anyone, anyone?!?
4. Karaoke Bar Guy - Picture this: this time last year, sixty miles outside New Orleans, hotel Karaoke bar, me and my friend B wanting to watch some hilarious drunken karaoke. We no sooner sit down than two guys start oggling us. I got this really cute little guy (total hottie, seriously) and B got this perfectly ha-uge former high school football player. Both were southern gentlemen through and through, entirely baffled about us not drinking, and entirely baffled that their attempts to woo us were failing. I was still "living in heartbreak hotel" at that point, so this adventure gave me a much needed confidence boost (and me and B quite a good laugh!)
Yep - 4, that's it!

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