Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adult Braces: My Second Adjustment

Why-oh-why did I become filled with naivete?  Oh, that's right, because I had no pain after my first adjustment, I assumed I'd be fine for all others.  Wrong.

On January 14th, I actually ran from my car to the office, wanting to be on time and actually excited.  I don't have much control over how quickly or correctly my teeth choose to move, but ever-the-perfectionist, I couldn't wait to be praised for how good I was taking care of my teeth and how lovely they were behaving.

I received my praise, new wires on the tops and bottoms, a superchain (they chain rubberbands together across the bottom to pull them closer together once they are straight enough) on the bottom, and new bands on the top.

I treated myself to a salad that night with my friend, Shayla, mentioning that my mouth was a little sore so my consumption would be slow.  I haven't had anything crunchy since then.  I even had to make a handshake agreement with my husband that I would not purchase anymore milkshakes until my next adjustment.  Yep, that happened.

I want pizza.

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Unknown said...

I remember when I had braces. My mouth was always a little sore but never too bad. Just like you, I ate really slow as well. My friend laughed at me when it took me fifteen minutes to eat a banana! Now it is almost time to get my children started with orthodontics.

Sharon Woods said...

The painful truth is that not all adjustments are the same. There are some that are more painful than the others, and there are some that won't even make you feel that you had an adjustment. One of the oldest trick in the book is to have a soft diet, of soup or even gelatin to suppress your milkshake cravings. No worries, as after wearing braces, you will have the smile you worked hard for. Cheer up!

Sharon Woods @ FallSparkDentistry