Tuesday, November 18, 2008


None of you commented on my last blog, yo - I was seriously looking for participation!

I am in Omaha, Nebraska. Wait, no, Kearny, Nebraska. Tomorrow I venture to Hays, Kansas.
I have to say these are the least exciting places I've gotten to go for work, however, I still managed to find my friend Aaron to have lunch with! (at a delicioso place named Spezia)
Today I:
1. Had no one sitting next to me on both of my flights.
2. Gave a presentation for an hour and a half! A new record for me - my blessing of the gift of gab keeps getting better and better...or worse...depending on how you see things...
3. Got to use the BIG stall in the airport bathrooms every time - and we all know how much of a hassle trying to corral your luggage in and out of tiny ones can be
4. Talked with my dad on the phone after I realized I was at a stop some friends and I made 9 years ago on my first drive out to BYU. Talk about strange feeling. I couldn't have found that place again if I tried, but all of a sudden, there I was.
5. Kept getting hot air blowing in my face in the rental car even though the air was off. Rude.
6. Found a water park in my hotel. Too bad I got here after it closed and leave before it opens. The fitness center and I did have a good date.

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