Sunday, October 19, 2008


My latest work expedition (aside from the one I am on right now) took me to South Carolina, North Carolina, and New York City.
More importantly, said expedition took me to Suzanna Guffey Howard and her wonderful little family!!!

After a presentation and a lunch meeting in SC (which, I have to point out - there were bars on all the windows to all the stores in the middle of NOWHERE...what's gonna happen, the cow gonna come steal your granola? Seriously!) , I drove up to Zanna's for an afternoon and evening of fun, dinner, and ice cream. I love to smile and laugh in the company of someone so bright as Boozanna. I'm so lucky I have friends (of 10 years!) like my Piggy, Jenn, Kistopher, LeGaye (sp?), Zanna, who welcome me into their homes all over the country.
Is it mean of me to look forward to the day 50 years from now when all their hubbies die and we get to move to Miami, live in a big house with a lanai, and eat cheesecake at midnight?

After I left NC, I headed for JFK/NYC. I was greeted to New York with a fire alarm going off just as I was exiting the airport restroom. I panicked. Then I looked around...not a single person was even acting as if they heard what I heard. Lights were flashing, sirens blaring, yet the flight announcements carried on in the face of danger. One confused little pigeon shared my concern and somehow ended up walking along next to me towards the exit -eventually scaring the bejeebies out of me by flying into the door at my side as I was going through the open part. Poor guy - he's fine though, no worries.
I dropped my stuff off at my friend Jeff's and we went for lunch at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Lemme tell you what - I'd definitely shake my shack for some of those burgers! Yum!

I walked around the rest of the afternoon, trying to hit the internal workings of Central Park since I seem to ever only just walk around the perimeter.
I chose "In the Heights" for my Broadway musical viewing enjoyment that evening.

After, I met up with my friend Ashley whom I met in NYC on our internships years ago and ended up being in my ward when I moved to my new place in May, who randomly happened to be arriving in the city that night. We got cookies and ESPN Zone. All ye who know me know of my weakness for the zone cookies.

My dearest KIII then hooked me up with her old roommates so I could watch an incredibly disturbing documentary on Ferret lovers and sleep for a whopping two hours. Darling Jeff walked me to the subway at 4am where I was promptly shocked with how many people are on that danged thing at that time of day! Immediately I lost my intense fear of what I thought was idiocy on the subway in the middle of the night.
I arrived back to SLC just in time to put church clothes on, lead choir practice, then come home and sleep for 6 hours. Whew!


Mandi said...

Sounds like fun! I bet Jenn was jealous you got to go see Suzanna..

Anonymous said...

I hope the trip you are on now is just as awesome or better than this one! PS, conor misses you.

Katie said...

As for our cheesecake eating, post-husband adventures I have 2 concerns:
1. With the seeming increase of hurricanes can we please choose somewhere more landlocked?
2. Even at 80 I'm not sure you'd be able to drag Jenn away from Colorado, so we might just have to send her cheesecake in the mail.

PS-It's 'LaGaye' (don't worry, the family name stops here)

Audra said...

What? you were in NC and didn't come see me?

You are one busy woman with all your travels. You are doing what I always said I wanted to, so I'm living through your posts;)

jeff said...

Wow, that picture of us turned out even stranger than I first thought. Next time you come, I hope you stay longer and leave later.