Wednesday, March 5, 2008


A lost Chihuahua showed up in the neighborhood my sissy works in. After several phone calls to the number on L.C.'s collar, I decided I would walk her to the address on her collar.
I am almost there when this huge 4x4 screeches over to the side of the road. Two men who looked like construction workers who had just got off the job were inside. I'm talking dirt, full sleeve tattoos, earrings, scruffy smokey voices, gruffy facial hair - you name it!
Immediately I was amused because I knew exactly what they wanted....the chihuahua.
"Oh you found her! You found our girl!" [big man #1 grabs dog and hands her over to big man #2] OH SISTER! Do I have a thing or two to tell you!"
Just imagine these rough and tumble men getting all sappy, emotional, and teary-eyed over this little chihuahua. Now smile:-)


Janell said...

Lol. A smile and a laugh =)

Vanessa Swenson said...

Now that's an awesome story. My roommate loved the story, too.

Melinda said...

You should have told them that you expect them to make you dinner for rescuing their little dog. Bad guys are strangely attractive. That was an adorable dog too. They may have paid you something if you offered some sort of ransom.