Friday, August 3, 2007

Softball Tournament

Who knows I play softball? Anyone? Didn't think so...

I am on a BYU intramural team here and we are currently going through tournament play. First was single elimination, which we made it through to put us in the "Elite Eight," as the intramural department likes to call it. This becomes double elimination with winners and losers brackets.
I am VERY excited to say that we have made it into the final two of the Winners bracket! We still have 3 games left to actually win the tournament, but this is VERY exciting for us!

Wednesday night we played through a lightning and thunder storm (why?!?), and last night we played in all the puddle-y remnants of that and another storm yesterday afternoon. They were literally shoveling water off the field, then put sand down to try and make the field playable. I've posted photos of the results of a few overzealous slides on my part:-)

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